Case Study

Design Cycle as a Strategic Weapon

  • Summary
    • A medium size public OEM custom computer electronics manufacturer was not achieving satisfactory growth and profit.
    • The design process was too long and delaying customer product launches.
    • Customer sales were flat due to a lack of confidence design completion dates.
  • Challenges
    • Design process was too costly and design cycle times were too long.
  • Results
    • Conducted a design process map to identify cycle-time barriers and non-value-add activities. Involved the entire design organization, and representatives from manufacturing. Studied root-causes for change notices, and set up a web-based "lessons-learned" database including 1st-pass yields for prototypes.
    • Achieved a 10% per year improvement in design cycle times over a 5 year period, with corresponding reduction in design costs per project.
    • Profitability improved 2X while sales growth doubled over a two year period.