Margin Max Self Assessment

No Sometimes Often Yes
0 1 3 5
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1. Overall Gross Margin Management
Does your company manage gross margins utilizing all four key gross margin drivers (Price Optimization, Product Management, Sales Effectiveness, and Operational Performance) to achieve your profit goals?
Does your company utilize an integrated gross margin management approach holding all of the senior management team accountable to gross margin performance?
2. Pricing
Does your company employ a value based pricing process; instead of a cost based process?
3. Poduct Management
Is a formal product line evaluation process in existence that measures the gross margin of the companys products and drives corrective actions?
4. Self Effectiveness
Is sales compensation tied to gross margin performance?
Does your customer management process routinely measure customer profitability?
5. Operational Performance
Are your sales,marketing and manufacturing organizations tightly synchronized?
Total Score / Gross Margin Opportunity
Scoring Table
0-10 11-19 20-28 29-35
Very-High High Medium Low

If your score is 25 or under you may want to arrange a telecom confernece with our team of experts....there is no cost to discuss your company's goss margin opportnities.