Case Study


Recruitment Process

  • Summary
    • The US military needed to expand the special forces operations to combat new terrorist threats
    • The Navy SEALS had a 90% attrition rate in the recruitment and development process
    • Services were engaged through SOCOM to reduce attrition through supply chain process improvement
  • Challenges
    • Long standing operational process needed to be challenged in recruiting, physical/mental requirements, and mentoring
    • Long-standing belief that only set number of recruits make it through each class outside of capabilities
    • No meaningful measurement of driver metrics to establish pipeline deficiencies
  • Results
    • Implementation of physical and mental requirements for new recruits established at the beginning of process eliminating low potential candidates before they entered the recruiting process
    • Implemented mentoring program with Blackwaterex Navy SEALS to insure physical and mental development through process
    • Set specific goals and accountability through the final phases of the training process including Indoc, Hell Week, and jump school
    • Results improved attrition from 90% to 80%. Each recruit represented $600,000 in incremental costs. Total Seal readiness force exceeded expectations and was the first SOCOM branch to meet the personnel requirements.