Marketing & Sales Effectiveness

The Boulder Group provides practical help for clients to develop an effective growth strategy by optimizing their marketing and sales organization's resources while matching it to optimal markets in order to create a more compelling value proposition.

To optimize your sales effectiveness we will first evaluate your existing marketing and sales organization—by focusing on the presence and effectiveness of the key drivers of revenue generation:

  • Organization and personnel
  • Marketing strategy and sales strategy
  • Performance metrics
  • Sales process and management
  • Marketing and sales tools
  • Customer relationship management

The second phase of marketing and sales effectiveness evaluates additional opportunities for revenue and profitability by looking at integration opportunities in order to achieve better alignment with other key, relevant business functions and processes in the business, such as:

  • New product development and product portfolio management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Operations
  • Engineering and research
  • Logistics

The third phase is implementation of processes and methods; and then formal scheduled follow-up to help translate your business strategy into reality and sustain it.

This three-phase long-term relationship approach creates and maintains incremental revenue and margin growth. Our approach optimizes the revenue and profitability that your business is entitled to achieve.