The Boulder Group

Market Driven Product Development

Our unique approach ensures that The Boulder Group clients have visibility into their product innovation process. Through applying our life-cycle methodology, The Boulder Group empowers clients to build an infrastructure chartered to listen, respond, and anticipate the ever-changing preferences of the market.

Let The Boulder Group help you realize your potential by implementing Breakthrough Product Innovation through Market Driven Product Development.

Product Innovation

  • Fact- and metric-based methodology
  • Integrates the product development, readiness and launch processes
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Provides a road map that bridges the enormous gap between strategy and results


  • The Customer-centric Front End begins at the logical starting point, the customer.
  • The Portfolio Management process ensures that the innovation team selects products for development that align with Marketing and corporate strategy.
  • The Phase Review process ensures that the company stays on course and responds appropriately to changes in market conditions.
  • The Project Management process minimizes product development time, enabling earlier market entry and longer product life cycles.
  • The Resource Management process optimizes resource allocation, maximizing utilization and productivity, freeing up capacity to develop additional new products, which results in increased revenue and profit.