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    At a Glance

    The Boulder Group is a consulting firm that is committed to delivering solutions providing sustainable financial and qualitative results.

    • Innovative service offerings such as Strategy to Results™ and MarginMax™
    • Seasoned highly experienced consultants
    • Expertise in operations, product development, sales effectiveness, and order to cash
    • Value-based fee structure

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    Delivering Results

    Our Strategy to Results™ implementation methodology delivers lasting results

    Our goal is to transform our client’s strategy into concrete financial and qualitative results utilizing a rigorous proprietary four step execution methodology to insure that our programs achieve the expected results.

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    Innovative service offerings that provide our clients with exciting new approaches to deliver measurable results

    The Boulder Group works both with commercial and governmental clients leveraging the expertise and experience gained in each market. Strategy to Results, our proprietary execution approach, is the overall program umbrella to ensure achieving concrete results.

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    The Boulder Group Team…experience and expertise at your side

    At The Boulder Group you will find only the most experienced consultants whose expertise, knowledge, and capabilities stem from a career in consulting for both industry and government working effectively with our client’s senior management team to drive results

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    The Boulder Group is committed to improving your Leadership Effectiveness through proven approaches to improved results.

    Studies have shown that trust and confidence in top leadership is the single most reliable predictor of employee satisfaction in an organization. The Boulder Group has found that effective communication by leadership is the key to gaining that trust and confidence.

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Most companies have a good process for developing a strategic plan. A much smaller percentage of companies have a good process to actually...

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All companies are striving to improve their operations by increasing their productivity, providing world class customer service, and improving...

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All governmental agencies including the military services are striving to improve their operations by improving mission effectiveness...

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Gross margin management

Protect Your Business Through Gross Margin Management

Successful gross margin management begins with a basic understanding of just what the gross margin is. After all, without this basic understanding, your business could ultimately experience pricing problems, lose money on interactions, and maybe eventually go out of business altogether.

Your gross margin is the difference between the price at which you are selling your product or services and the costs which you pay to make your goods available. In other words, the gross margin is the money your business has left after you have completed your sales and paid all of your bills.

It is imperative that, as a business owner, you know what your gross margin is and that you understand how to track it. Understanding the importance of your gross margin and how to manage it will help you to establish effective pricing strategies and control costs. It may seem that setting prices and seeking to keep costs low can be completed with a bit of common sense, but the relationships between correct prices, quality goods, and the costs of doing business can be influenced by a number of variables.

Many companies use gross margin management to help them establish their prices. When used in conjunction with distribution costs, perceived values, market potential, and seasonal or community considerations, the correct management of your gross margin can help you to build a stable and thriving business.

If you are unsure of how to undertake gross margin management on your own, you may want to contact a consultant with experience in this field to help your business take this important step.

Services we also offer include:

Change Management
Strategic Process Management
Leadership effectiveness
Strategy To Results
Gross Margin Management

Gross Margin Management Solutions


The Integrated Gross Margin Management (MarginMax) process introduced a new strategic approach of focusing on gross margin as the leverage point and incorporating all the key drivers of gross margin into an integrated improvement program.

User Chief Financial Officer, Auto Parts Group

The Strategy to Results methodology enabled us to get our management team focused on and executing the high leverage initiatives.

User Chief Executive Officer, AquaSource Inc.

The MarginMax approach to running our business improved gross margins 13% transforming a loss operation into a solid profitability. Additional benefits were improved customer responsiveness and an aligned management team.

User Vice President Sales & Marketing, Inland Consumer Packaging

In the current economy a company can't grow out of profit problems and manufacturing costs have already been cut to the bone. Integrated gross margin management is an essential strategy to driving bottom line results.

User Mark Stevenson, Past President of AeA

The Boulder Group

The Boulder Group is a newly formed professional services firm that is committed to providing clients with solutions that deliver measurable financial and qualitative results that are sustainable. Although newly formed, The Boulder Group has a core group of partners who have a long rich history working together for 10 plus years delivering exceptional performance improvements for both commercial and governmental organizations.