Change with your business or be left behind"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."Charles Darwin

The Boulder Group Government Practice Approach

All governmental agencies including the military services are striving to improve their operations by improving mission effectiveness, becoming more responsive, delivering greater value while improving their productivity. The Boulder Group's proprietary Strategy to Results™ methodology is a practical approach to achieving lasting results for public sector organizations.

Most governmental organizations have a process for developing a strategic plan. A much smaller percentage have a good process to transform their strategic plan into results. Our Strategy to Results methodology focuses on execution answering the question "How do I ensure that my strategy is actionable, my team is engaged, and we will achieve the anticipated results"

Strategy to Results is our implementation methodology that transforms a strategy into concrete results; and is delivered by following a rigorous four step execution model. This methodology transforms your strategy into desired and measurable mission effectiveness and financial results which are sustainable. We help client agencies deliver on their strategic missions, improve productivity, and maximize the allocation of their financial resources by delivering sustainable results.

Our Strategy to Results implementation methodology is utilized to successfully deliver lasting process improvement results that would provide the foundation for a continuing process improvement program.

The Boulder Group Team

We utilize seasoned highly experienced consultants that have industry and/or governmental management and leadership experience as well as consulting backgrounds. Our team coupled with our Strategy to Results implementation methodology creates lasting results for our clients. Our core group of partners have worked on a number of very successful governmental programs such as the U. S. Navy's Naval Aviation Enterprise and Surface Naval Enterprise, U. S. Navy SEALS, Amtrak, and the Austin Metro.

The advantage of this depth of experience is our consultants have a long history "walking the talk", sharing core principles, and driving and managing change. This results in quicker insight into and identification of gaps, needs, and opportunities. The application of a commonly used process or approach in industry may provide a transformational change in government. The Boulder Group will help in identifying unique solutions and developing an implementation roadmap that delivers results. The team's deep experience, candor, and credibility will quickly gain the confidence and trust of your senior management team and managers to accelerate the change implementation.

Government Contracting Information

The Boulder Group is a Woman Owned Small Business registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR). Combining innovative service offerings and a team of very experienced consultants, The Boulder Group is a quality source for government contracting officers and purchasing agents to meet statutory obligations requiring services from business. We actively seek teaming arrangements with prime contractors and other consulting firms to insure we have the resources to transform a client's strategy into lasting results.

Our NAICS codes are as follows:

NAICS Code Description
541611 Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
541612 Human Resource Consulting Services
541613 Marketing Consulting Services
541614 Process, Physical Distribution & Logistics Consulting Services
541618 Other Management Consulting Services

Our DUNS number is 963496752 and CAGE number is 632D7.

Areas of Expertise

The Boulder Group uses our Strategy to Results methodology to drive a Continuous Process Improvement approach that aligns the processes, people, and systems to deliver desired outcomes. We integrate this overall approach with the application of tools such as Theory of Constraints, Cycle Time reduction, Lean, and Six Sigma and others to optimize the impact of process improvement programs. These tools each have strengths in specific situations in addressing performance gaps and to optimize processes and results.

The following are representative areas of expertise that enable governmental agencies to achieve their mission critical objectives. Click to discover more about how we can help you maximize your capabilities.

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Change Management/Sustainability

The Boulder Group’s change management methodology is grounded in beginning with a crystal clear strategy, aligning the organization to deliver the strategy, streamlining the high leverage processes, and implementing a disciplined management process. Again, we call it Strategy to Results. In governmental agencies, we believe it is critical that the leadership team be the driver of change, be aligned, and have the right governance model in place to achieve lasting results.

Similar to commercial companies, most governmental organizations have a good process for developing a strategic plan. Experience has shown that fewer of these governmental organizations have a good process to actually implement the strategy and achieve the anticipated results. This is the “art of execution”…how to imbed the plan into the day to day activities of the employees. Many change management programs do not achieve the expected results for the same reason, the results achieved are often not sustainable.
Our approach, Strategy to Results, recognizes that like the legs of a stool analogy, the three key elements to changing behavior and achieving results are the processes, people, and the systems. If all three elements are not included in a change a management program, like a stool, there is not a solid foundation. Strategy to Results aligns the processes, people, and systems with the strategic objective to accomplish the desired outcome.

Our consultants work alongside our client’s people, in places where the work gets done. They are an integral part of your team, becoming involved rather than simply instructing. And they make advocates of people who are often frustrated or disengaged. The results are impressive and they are sustained.

The Strategy to Results methodology focuses on sustainability and continuous improvement by establishing the right metrics to measure results, monitoring behavioral change, using cycles of learning, and ensuring that the tools and skills are transferred to our clients.

Enterprise Maturity and Governance

A key decision tool that we use to evaluate an organization’s effectiveness is an Enterprise Maturity Model that measures the maturity of the management process and the organization’s ability to execute and achieve results.  Once the leadership team has embraced the Enterprise Maturity Model to evaluate their level of maturity in twelve key areas, the tool outlines the steps required for the organization to achieve the next level of maturity and how to measure success. The Enterprise Maturity Model provides a continuous improvement roadmap to enable an organization to optimize their capabilities. For organizations undergoing significant changes in missions, roles and responsibilities, this implementation can ensure a methodical and comprehensive means of maturing the organization without missing important elements of effective and enduring change. Where rapid change is an imperative, the model also allows for an accelerated implementation.

Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management ("SCM") ia a financial management process that was developed to maximize the allocation of financial resources in support of an organization's strategic objectives.

A key assumption for the SCM process to be successful is that the agency or organization is interested in focusing on output rather than consumption. Once the leadership team has made this fundamental decision, SCm will deliver:

  • Financial budgets that are aligned with the strategic objectives.
  • Clear risk management alternatives in the event of changes in funding streams.
  • Ability to identify opportunities to create permanent savings in critical processes.
  • Productivity metrics that measure targeted improvement areas.

To implement Strategic Cost Management an organization needs to have an understanding of both their budgeted and actual costs associated with functions, programs, and key processes.

The Boulder Group has an array of financial analysis tools to establish a historical financial baseline from which to begin the SCM process.

The end game objective is to deliver more output with the same reduced financial resources... or stated another way to increase an organization's productivity. A desirable outcome in today's fiscally constrained environment.

Process Improvement and Integration

Governmental agencies today are being challanged to be more responsive and do more with less and it is likely that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

Process improvement programs can often result in cost saving of 20% to 30%. Thses savings are realized by designing and implementing integrated and streamlined processes across the organization, eliminating non value added or redundant processes.

To drive a successful process improvement program, the leadership of the organization must agree upon the objectives of the program, be aligned as a team to optimize the Enterprise, and have the right measurements in place to gauge success.

Utilizing our Strategy to Results method0logy coupled with our process expertise and tool sets(Lean Six Sigma, cycle time, Theory of Constraints), The Boulder Group can help your organization build integarted value added processes that serve the entire Enterprise achieve their objectives at a reduced cost.

Lean Six Sigma optimization

Currently a number of govenmental organizations have extensive Lean Six Sigma programs in place that may not be delivering the ROI that was originally anticipated when the program was launched. In the majority of cases the reason for limited success is that the program is not aligned with strategic objectives, does not have a disciplined management process, and often incorrect measurements. These are some flags that your Lean Six Sigma program has room for improvement.

  • No prioritization process to determine which projects are alocated resources.
  • Not a clear linkage to strategic plan.
  • Measurement consists mainly of activity (number of black belts, number of training) instead of results.
  • Leadership team can not quantify total cost savings or ROI.
  • Improvement achieved are not sustained.

if these flags exist in your organization, The Boulder Group can help your organization develop an Enterprise wide plan to optimize the allocation of your process improvement resources, maximize your return on investment, and ensure lasting results.

Operational Process

The Boulder Group has areas of expertise in implementing streamlined processes tailored to organizations specific needs in a number of operational areas. These areas of expertise are as follows

  • Operational Excellence
  • Lean Operations
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Interface
  • Capacity Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Sourcing
  • Demand Planning
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Supplier Quality
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Product Development
  • Customer - Centric Apporach
  • Project Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Phase Review Process


Client Focus

The Boulder Group considers itself successful only when it's clients succeed. Our goal on each engagement is to deliver results beyond the client's expectations.

We partner with our clients to construct a roadmap to success and an implementation plan that is specifically designed to each individual client's circumstances. Our Strategy to Results change management approach begins with getting buy-in to the strategic plan or objectives and continues until the changes are sustainable by your management and employees.

The Boulder Group team is just as comfortable participating in board meeting discussions as working with a client implementation team in the trenches and insure that your management team is in the leadership position throughout. Our consultants work alongside our client's people, in places where the work gets done involving rather than instructing. And they win the hearts and minds of people who are often frustrated or disengaged. The results are impressive and they are sustained.