Case Study

Global Leader in Paper and Packaging Products

  • Executive Summary
    • A fortune 50 corporation experiencing high MRO and inventory costs.
    • Thomas Group's outsourced MRO solution brings improved efficiency an optimized costs across the enterprise's entire MRO value chain.
  • Challenges
    • MRO plant / facility functions and operations not integrated
      • Poor inventory management.
      • Poor catalog management.
      • Lack of metrics and tracking.
      • Poor supplier performance
    • Solutions are point in nature,failing to address the complexities of MRL across all functional silos.
  • Results
    • By attacking all sources of cost with appropriate strategies - savings of 15 to 30 percent along with improved service delivery.
    • Holistic approach integrates four key areas:
      • Strategically sourced MRO spend.
      • Empowered category and supply management teams.
      • Optimized procurement operations.
      • Rollout of plant inventory planning and material management programs.