Case Study

Consumer Packaging Company Program

  • Executive Summary
    • A division of a New York stock exchange company.
    • National consumer packaging company designing and producing creative packaging for consumer companies in sporting goods, cosmetics, and food products.
  • Challenges
    • Division was not meeting its financial targets.
    • Customer confidence was eroded due to long response time and poor on-time delivery.
    • Project pricing process produced inconsistent pricing across divisions.
    • Scrap was excessive and were impacting gross margins.
  • Results
    • Improved gross margin performance 13% transforming a loss operation into solid profitability.
    • Reduced fullfillment cycle time from 50 days to 10 days... a 80% improvement.
    • On-time delivery increased from 70% to 96%.
    • Pricing strategy and process developed that standardized pricing across the company driving a 4% increase in gross margins.
    • Scrap was reduced from 12% to 8%, a 2% improvement in gross margins.