The Boulder Group Commercial Practice Approach

All companies are striving to improve their operations by increasing their productivity, providing world class customer service, and improving their financial performance. The Boulder Group has developed a set of innovative and unique service offerings to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Strategy to ResultsTM

The Boulder Group's experience is that most organizations have developed a strategic plan, but only a small percentage of these organizations have a good process to actually implement their strategy, and achieve their anticipated results. That is why The Boulder Group focuses on the execution side of the equation…execution is our expertise and passion. Our goal is to transform our client's strategy into concrete financial and qualitative results utilizing a rigorous four phase execution methodology to insure that our programs achieve the expected results. The Strategy to Results, our proprietary execution approach is the overall program umbrella to ensure achieving concrete results.

Strategy To Results

Strategic Process Management

Streamlined repeatable business processes are one of the most significant drivers of improved financial performance, and are essential for a company to deliver world class customer service. The Boulder Group's Strategic Process Management is a rigorous disciplined seven step process improvement methodology to help clients achieve their business objectives with a focused approach on the strategic business processes in the company's value chain. Strategic Process Management builds the foundation for continuous improvement of high leverage processes. The best principles and practices of Change Management are incorporated into our programs to ensure the most seamless and least disruptive business process transitions.

The Boulder Group integrates the application of tools such as Theory of Constraints, Cycle Time, Lean, and Six Sigma to optimize the result and impact of Strategic Process Management programs. These tools each have strengths in specific environments in addressing performance gaps and optimizing processes.


MarginMaxTM.....Integrated Gross Margin Management

In today's economic environment companies are reacting to ever faster economic changes and have already taken steps to improve financial performance. The Boulder Group's unique Integrated Gross Margin Management methodology called MarginMax provides companies with additional strategic alternatives to achieve sustainable bottom-line results.

MarginMax is a way to generate significant profits from a business by focusing on the existing value-creating activities without embarking on a major business transformation process that could take years to implement. With MarginMax companies can do something today and see results tomorrow.

The MarginMax methodology is implemented by focusing on gross margin as the leverage point and incorporating all the key drivers of gross margin into an integrated margin improvement program that aligns from strategy to daily execution. The key word is integration. Operational cost reductions alone are not sufficient in today's business climate to achieve your profit objectives. An integrated approach is required. The companies that employ this integrated methodology to manage their gross margin will be more successful in delivering bottom line results.

Margin Max

The Boulder Group Team

We utilize seasoned highly experienced consultants that have industry management and leadership experience as well as consulting backgrounds. Our team coupled with innovative service offerings creating lasting results for our clients. Our core group of partners and consultants has led successful client programs examples are Crocs Inc., Lego Americas, Schnitzer Steel, Moore Corporation, Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc., Bosch, Osram Sylvania.

The advantage of this depth of experience is our consultants have a long history "walking the talk", sharing core principles, and driving and managing change. This results in quicker insight into and identification of gaps, needs, and opportunities. The application of a commonly used process or approach in industry may provide a transformational change in government. The Boulder Group will help in identifying unique solutions and in developing an implementation roadmap that delivers results. The team's deep experience, candor, and credibility will quickly gain the confidence and trust of your senior management team and employees at all levels to accelerate the change implementation.

Areas of Expertise

The Boulder Group uses our Strategy to Results methodology to drive a Continuous Process Improvement approach that aligns the processes, people, and systems to deliver desired outcomes. We integrate this overall approach with the application of Strategic Process Management, a rigorous disciplined seven step process improvement methodology, and MarginMax, a unique Integrated Gross Margin Management methodology. The synergy from understanding the interdependence of the key gross margin drivers produces results that are greater than the simple sum of the parts.

The following are representative areas of expertise that enable companies to achieve their mission critical objectives. Click to discover more about how we can help you maximize your capabilities.

Client Focus

The Boulder Group considers itself successful only when its clients succeed. Our goal on each engagement is to deliver results beyond the client's expectations.

We partner with our clients to construct a roadmap to success and an implementation plan that is specifically designed to each individual client's circumstances. Our Strategy to Results change management approach begins with getting buy-in to the strategic plan or objectives and continues until the changes are sustainable by your management and employees.

The Boulder Group team is just as comfortable participating in board meeting discussions as working with a client implementation team in the trenches. and insure that your management team is in the leadership position throughout. Our consultants work alongside our client's people in places where the work gets done. We become involved rather than simply instructing. And we win the hearts and minds of people who are often frustrated or disengaged.

Yet we insure that your management team is in the leadership position throughout. The results are impressive and they are sustained.